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On this page we'll create information for using the book The Three-Minute Classroom Walk-Through by Carolyn J. Downey


In order to add information, click the edit button and then begin your additions. When you are done, click the save button. It's that simple.


To start off, here's a video that demonstrates the importance of communication in administration.


My Walk-Through Experience


Okay, I've found some information on this. First, you might want to check out Leadertalk, an international administrator's blog where I write. One of the articles is about the Walk-Through. That is where some of the links below come from.


article on the Walk-Through


education world article


Some answers to FAQ's.


A site with forms to use with a Walk-Through


Another site with some forms and information.


Here's a walkthrough_brochure.pdf that I received from an administrator who has been using the Walk-Through in his building


A site with several links to forms for the Walk-Through


The following are items that include outlines, slideshows and informational items


. Classroom_Walkthrough_With_Reflective_Practice.ppt





Literacy Classroom Walkthrough by Ellin Keene.doc






CWT booklet.pdf


CWT slideshow.pdf








PDAS Walk-Through Form.pdf











WT forms.pdf





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