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Online Information

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 7 months ago

This page is for online reading sources. There are several good blogs that are being published by teachers, administrators, and others involved with education. If you have a link to some reading, please share it with the group!


In addition to the blogs listed below, I have about 60 other ones that I check up on through the week to see what nuggets I can find. If you are interested in starting a RSS list, let me know and I'll mail you an opml file with all the contacts so you just have to import them. If you have any blogs, especially with a Saskatchewan focus, I'd appreciate their URL's.


webblogg-ed - a site that promotes the use of web2.0 tools in education. Some very good discussions.

ideas and thoughts from an edtech - Dean Shareski is a consultant with Prairie Skies in Moose Jaw. He has some great comments about technology and education.

Trevor - Trev is an administrator from Saskatchewan who has just begun blogging. Some might find it interesting to see what he has to say.


Vicki Davis - Vicki has done some truly amazing things with teaching and technology and she just began using the tools a year and a half ago. She has some very good links and insights.


Swan Valley Technology Page - Swan Valley School Division page has many good resources for teachers.

Darren Kuropatwa - another educator who is doing great things with technology.


SSBA - one of our own associations


SCEA - another of our own associations


ASCD - a popular leadership magazine website.


CAP - Canadian Association of Principals


STF - Federation link


Mr. P's Blog - an administrator from the U.S. - has some very good comments about administrative concerns.


Principal Online - an online version of the journal. Some good articles.


Saskatchewan School Board link


Survey of Principals - from Stats Canada


NASSP - US organization of Secondary Principals.


NAESP - US organization of Elementary Principals.


Education World - Administrator Section - some interesting articles and ideas.

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